Sat. Nov 27th, 2021

Post Office Yojana Good return on investment is given to its customers through it. Various types of savings schemes are operated through the Indian Postal Department to benefit its customers. Many of these schemes are such schemes which give higher returns to the customers as compared to the banks. Post office schemes are considered the safest to invest in. If you want to make a safe investment then you can do it in post office savings schemes. These plans are safe as well as profitable. Other types of facilities are also provided to the beneficiary citizens by investing in the post office fixed deposit scheme.

Post Office Fixed Deposit (FD)

Under this scheme of the Indian Postal Department, special facilities are provided to the beneficiaries on investment. In this scheme, a lump sum amount can be invested by the individual within a specified limit. In this scheme, the beneficiaries have been provided the facility to invest for a period of 1 year to 5 years. Under this post office scheme, individuals can also get the benefit of interest payment along with a fixed return amount. Post Office Fixed Deposit (FD) Through 1 year, 2 years, 3 years and five years Account can be opened for a period of Rs. Under this scheme, the beneficiary citizens will also be given income tax exemption. The entire money of the investors is completely safe in this scheme.

Post Office Fixed Deposit (FD) benefits of

  • Citizens get better returns along with interest amount on the amount invested under this scheme.
  • This post office scheme is safe as well as profitable.
  • The facility has been provided for citizens to invest in more than one FD in the post office.
  • FD in Indian Postal Department can be availed both online and offline.
  • Fixed deposit in FD over a period of 5 years will give the benefit of tax exemption at the time of filing ITR.
  • Individuals can get their FD transferred from one post office to another.

FD interest amount details

Better interest amount is provided to the customers on FD through the post office. To customers for a period of 7 days to one year 5.50 Interest is earned at the rate of percentage. with this 1 year to 2 years to the beneficiaries even during the FD period of 5.50 Interest is earned at the rate of percentage. 3 years to 5 years Under Post Office to customers on FD 6.70 percent Interest is received at the rate of interest, this FD will get the best returns to the beneficiaries.

For FD, individuals can open their account in the post office through check or cash. In this account can be opened with a minimum amount of Rs. Along with this, no limit has been fixed for the maximum amount under the post office.

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