REET 2021 Psychology Important Questions / REET Exam Most Questions

REET 2021 Level- 1 & 2 Psychology Important Questions (REET 2021 Psychology Important Questions) – This is how REET 2021 exam is simulated in Rajasthan. Secondary Board Exam has been re-entered for re-filling. Now this report has been prepared for the Board of Secondary Education Arun Arunt REET 2021. Today we are going to answer the questions in this post. So, for the post-exam expectation, you should complete this page till the end.

REET 2021 Psychology Important Questions

1. Psychology is the science of education, is it?
Answer. response
2. Father of psychotic dementia?
Answer. advice to vent
3. Psychology
Answer. Take
4. Starting the development process?
Answer. dearly
5. Details of Child Development?
Answer. Ideal
6. In which stage are the boys and girls?
Answer. childhood
7. What is student growth?
Answer. by inheritance
8. What is a verb phase?
Answer. 7 – 12 years
9. Using the word for physical change?
Answer. growth
10. After great tension and storm, a fierce war is called?
Answer. hall hall

REET 2021 Psychology Most Questions

11 Irrational atmosphere…
Answer 2 -7 years
12 Framed has lucky as in psychosomatic development?
Answer 5 (Fifth)
13 What is the age of the toys?
Ans early childhood
14 Is it a complicated stage?
Ans Ex
15 Animals were used in the theory of Psyche’s Swelling?
Ans Chimpanzee Fairy
16 What is the main law of spirituality?
Ans Surrender
17R used?
North Rat
18 years old?
Answer 1 – 5 years
19 Who is the originator of structural theory?
Ans Jerome Brunner
20 is learning?
Ans Active Riker

Answer Questions for REET Exam 2021

31. When was Hermann Rochla built?
Answer. in 1921
32. The defining factor of excellence is?
Answer. of rust
33 Construction of the TAT Test?
Answer. Rogan and Murray
34. Those qualities are contained in the atmosphere.
Answer. personality behavior
35. Effect of dementia in 1908?
Answer. without and
36. The control of multidivision was?
Answer. by Thorndike
37. What is Psychological Psychologist to measure intelligence?
Answer. windman
38. As per the requirement of more than one person at a time?
Answer. aggregate intelligence test
39. After 13 years in childhood?
Answer. based on dementia
40. Originator of the theory of intelligence?
Answer. gilf force

REET 2021 Psychology Important Questions

41. Test went bad in India?
Answer. in 1922
42. The quality of originality is ft.
Answer. in creative children
43. What is the general intelligence of a child?
Answer. 90 – 110
44. Are teachers and experts spiritual?
Answer. Sign language
45. Ancient method of teaching?
Answer. method of law
46. ​​Of the country at the rate of Kilpatrick?
Answer. American
47. Basing on psychics?
Answer. dissociation method
48. Isn’t it?
Answer. contender
49. Consumed fruit?
Answer. logic
50. Is intelligence and creativity integrated?
Answer. One

REET 2021 Level- 1 & 2 Psychology Important Questions

board name Board of Secondary Education, Ajmer (Rajasthan)
name of exam REET 2021
exam date 20 June 2021
admit card date June 2021
grade model paper
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