REET 2021 Psychology Important Questions Model Paper-2

REET 2021 Level- 1 & 2 Psychology Important Questions (REET 2021 Psychology Important Questions Model Paper-2) – Prepared for REET 2021 exam after earlier time in Rajasthan. Secondary Board Exam has been re-entered for re-filling. Now this report has been prepared for Secondary Education REET 2021. Today we are going to answer the questions in this post. So, for the post-exam expectation, you should complete this page till the end.

REET 2021 Psychology Important Questions Model Paper-2

1. The development process is complete, this is the principle?
Answer. principle of perpetuity
2. What is child development?
Answer. Pirated from the chief and
3. What is the meaning of biennial of the word ‘Swag’?
Answer. in leverage
4. Is the outbreak of inheritance spread?
Answer. Jaming (Jean)
5. Now there is education?
Answer. hair
6. Use of the word “acclimatization”?
Answer. for physical development
7. Phase of Spiritual Logic Power Campaign?
Ans.Kohl Baring
8. The development of framed shape is completed in which stage?
Answer. in music stage
9. How will the future of ‘Balya’ be?
Answer. hall hall
10. In the stage – a sense of respect?
post adolescence

REET 2021 Psychology Most Questions

11. “The process of acquisition of Naum and Rijuna is process process” ?
Answer. Wood
12. Behaviorist is born?
Answer. Vatsan
13. What was the theory of learning propounded by Pawl?
Answer. adaptive action principle
14. Who is the exponent of the topography theory?
Answer. timen
15. How did Kohler use the learning mark?
Answer. on chimpanzee
16. Who is the originator of cognitive development theory?
Answer. Joe Piaget
17. ‘Social Administration Theory’?
Answer. by bannura
18. What are the characteristics of the best personality?
Answer. Young’s
19. Endometrium is?
Answer. confidant in solitude
20. Society MITB has heard?
north of socialism

Answer Questions for REET Exam 2021

21. ‘What is the demerit in Rochla’s spyle test?
Answer. time – detailed information
22. Is there card information in TAT test?
Answer 30
23. CAT test has been developed in?
Answer. by Ellipold Bell
24. The ability of the intellect to panic is?
Answer. Buck
25. Science magazines?
Answer. 3 (three)
26. The exponent of the multifactor siddha of intelligence is?
Answer. thorndike
27. 0 to 25
Answer. root wit hair
28. The intellectual ability of a child is 125, what is the result in which class?
Answer. high intelligence
29. Physically visible to the individual, she is called?
Answer. The Office
30. What does Balkand mean?
Answer. qualities of normal children

REET 2021 Psychology Important Questions Model Paper-2

31. Jalota has done the test?
Answer. aggregate intelligence test
32. Psychology of juvenile delinquency?
Answer. block wish
33. Main areas of broadcasting in BALCO?
Answer. Attitude
34. National Curriculum Framework 2005 outline teacher is?
Answer. facilitator
35. What is a maladaptive personality?
Answer. mind or intellect
36. Kindergarten attended class, what is a child?
Answer. premature hair
37. What is an example of behavior like?
Answer. seer
38. How is the personal managed?
Answer. environment and inheritance
Answer. physical deficiency
40. Ram is 10 years old, his mental age is 12 years, his intelligence will be?
Answer. 120

REET 2021 Level- 1 & 2 Psychology Important Questions

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