REET 2021 Psychology Important Questions Model Paper-1

REET 2021 Level- 1 & 2 Psychology Important Questions (REET 2021 Psychology Important Questions Model Paper-1) – Secondary Board Exam has been re-entered for revaluation. Now this report has been prepared for Secondary Education REET 2021. Today we are going to answer the questions in this post. So, for the post-exam expectation, you should complete this page till the end.

REET 2021 Psychology Important Questions Model Paper-1

1. What does “Chick” mean?
Answer. human soul or mind
2. Developmental psychologist is the originator of?
Answer. Joe Piaget
3. The worst problem is mainly related to ?
Answer. reading from
4. How was the afterlife born?
Answer. holly hall
5. What to do for the development of the person?
Answer. Atmosphere and Inheritance
7. In which stage the self-development has advanced?
Answer. This
8. Is there behavior in Shabbat?
Answer. original naturalist
9. Growth is?
Answer. external
10. On 1st time in adolescence?
Answer 72 times

REET 2021 Psychology Most Questions

11 The best method of communication control is?
answer search
12, there is a repetition of the proverb, who –
What should be the nature of the subject for 13 bicycles?
Ans simply
Important for 14?
answer fixed
15 Re: Re-selecting the principle of the battery ?
answer solution
16 What is the work we do?
Ans By the law of enlightenment
17. Other similarities of the activity?
Ans Learning
18 is learning?
Ans Active Riker
19 Best Best Best?
Ans Surrender
20 Uddipaka – Activities have been established to the process?
Ans Learning

Answer Questions for REET Exam 2021

21 The word ‘personality’ of Hindi is motivation?
answer from personality
22 June What is the theory of personality?
Ans Analytical Theory
23 What is the desire of Freud’s person?
Ans Lust
24 Is the conscious part of our brain?
Answer 1/10 part
When was the Pragmatic Injection test created?
Answer in 1935
Is the creation of freeset textures organized?
Answer from id, ego and super ego
27 can win?
28 National Health
North Secunderabad
29 The natural creation of hair is called?
Ans Creativity
30 How to develop?
answer method

REET 2021 Psychology Important Questions Model Paper-1

31. Process Process ?
north dynamic
32 Can there be an increase in growth?
answer approver
33 Who should read from Bala Ali?
Answer to the dark children
34 What is the solution to a problem?
answer argument
35 Which behavior is better than being repeated over and over again?
37 What is the basis of stimulation of learning?
Ans Behavioral change
38 overall and readings –
In answer, teacher and learner are alike.
39 Situation Management ‘Internal conflict and repression’ of practical trampling?
Ans Fremide
40 Which disease is serious, easy to cure?
Ans Psychosis

REET 2021 Level- 1 & 2 Psychology Important Questions

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