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ADVANCED-SERVICES Previous Year Question Paper

Download AKTU B.Arch ADVANCED-SERVICES Previous Year Question Paper in pdf such as ADVANCED-SERVICES NAR-806 2019. I have provided the direct links for most important ADVANCED-SERVICES Previous Year Question Paper. It will help the students in completing syllabus.

ADVANCED-SERVICES NAR-806 2019 : Download

ADVANCED SERVICES important Questions from Previous Year Question Paper

ADVANCED-SERVICES Previous Year Question Paper
  1. Discuss all types of control rooms required in Hotels as per NBC and explain Fire Control room with the help of neat sketches
  2. Differentiate between ETP and STP.
  3. Explain multi level stacked parking with the help of neat sketches.
  4. Discuss the working of Waste water treatment plant with the help of neat sketches.
  5. Discuss BMS and its advantages and disadvantages.
  6. Discuss the process of setting up a Gas bank in a Public building.
  7. Explain the traditional system of mechanical ventilation.
  8. Discuss the various components of IBMS and explain the process of monitoring the security systems in a high rise building.
  9. Discuss the process of waste collection in any neighbourhood, their treatment and disposal systems.
  10. Compare the advantages of Automated Parking Systems and suggest any one type for a large Shopping Complex.
  11. Describe the requirements of Mechanical ventilation in public buildings and explain any one type in detail.


  1. Understanding Building Automation Systems (Direct Digital Control, Energy Management, Life Safety, Security, Access Control, Lighting, Building Management Programs) by Reinhold A. Carlson, Robert A. Di Giandomenico
  2. Building Automation: Control Devices and Applications by In Partnership with NJATC (2008)
  3. Building Control Systems, Applications Guide (CIBSE Guide) by The CIBSE (2000)
  4. Building Automation Online by McGowan; McGowan, John J.


Site visits of buildings where different types of advanced services equipment have been installed, their working and the merits and demerits of the system.
In an already designed project of a large covered area & multi-stroried building installation of these systems and the location of their parts and how they will be connected.

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