ADVANCED-COMPUTERS Previous Year Question Paper for AKTU

Download AKTU B.Arch ADVANCED-COMPUTERS Previous Year Question Paper in pdf such as ADVANCED-COMPUTERS NAR-805-A. I have provided the direct links for most important ADVANCED-COMPUTERS Previous Year Question Paper . It will help the students in completing syllabus.

ADVANCED-COMPUTERS NAR-805-A 2017-18 : Download

Advanced Computers important Questions from Previous Year Question Paper

ADVANCED-COMPUTERS  Previous Year Question Paper for AKTU
  1. What is computer modelling ?
  2. What is tool ?
  3. What is virtual design ?
  4. What do you mean by natural system ?
  5. What is the role of RAM ?
  6. What is Graphics ?
  7. What do you understand by CUI ?
  8. What do you understand by 3D ?
  9. What do you mean by programing ?
  10. What is computers limitation ?
  11. Explain rhinoceros 3D tool for designing .
  12. Explain structural system modeling technique .
  13. Explain human limitations in design with computers .
  14. Explain fusion of space by computers .
  15. Explain role of natural forms in design .
  16. Explain genetic algorithm .
  17. Describe any one work of Neri Oxman ..
  18. Discuss the role of materials in defining the structural requirement of natural forms .
  19. Discuss the Natural system approach for producing parametric design with suitable example .
  20. Explain Bio – mimicry . Explain with two examples of computer modelling in this field .
  21. What is high – end computer system ? Describe modeling of spatial properties using high – end computer systems .


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